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Date of posting “Terms of Use” of the maxservices.gr website: 17/06/2022

Date of renewal of “Terms of Use” of the website maxservices.gr: 25/06/2022

Listing of this page for the 25/06/2022 Term of Use by the Nonprofit Internet Archive based in San Francisco, California, USA (300 Funston Avenue – San Francisco, CA 94118 – Tel: 415-561-6767): https://web.archive.org/web/20220625113829/https://maxservices.gr/en/terms-of-use/

By accepting the “Terms of Use” of our website https://maxservices.gr , you also accept the Privacy Policy as described in the following link: https://maxservices.gr/en/privacy-policy/

Business data:

VAT: EL 301629043
Internet Services Office: Arapaki 6, Kallithea, Attiki, 17676, Greece
Website: https://maxservices.gr
Head office email: max.makrakomi@gmail.com
Head office telephones: +302236024107, +306986817845, +306986307660
Internet services email: info@maxservices.gr
Internet service telephones: +302130401462 , +306942775479


General Terms of Use:

  • The registration on our website can be done either by us manually (after contacting you in any way), or by you manually through the account creation forms.
  • When creating an account on our website, you accept that there may not be an immediate activation of the services you are interested in, since a formal check or technical preparation must first be done in a period of 3 to 7 days, before we activate the service you are interested in.
  • When creating an account you accept that your data will be stored in our database or in a database of third party services in the personal account that we manage alone and we have the ability to remove this data at any time you wish. Read more at the following link: https://maxservices.gr/πολιτική-απορρήτου/
  • By creating an account, you accept that we can delete your account, at any time that violates our interests based on Greek and European legislation.
  • By creating an account, you agree that we may terminate your account at any time we realize that its use violates human rights in any way or is used illegally or fraudulently against the interests of other services – people or the interests of our service at all times of Greek and European legislation.
  • If you use any form of interest – contact, you accept your automatic subscription to our newsletter which is sent to your email at regular intervals through mailchimp.com and at the same time you accept that your personal contact information will be stored in our account in the above service.


Terms of Confidentiality in the agreement between Max Services (Lagiou Argyro – aff: 301629043) and client:

  • Due to the object of the task assigned by the customer, there is a possibility that our company has access to corporate customer data and we recognize their confidentiality.
  • Pursuant to Articles 32 to 35 of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016, we declare that we will take all precautions according to the uses and state of the technology in the context of its tasks, in order to protect the confidentiality of the information in which we have access and, in particular, to prevent their transmission to persons who are not expressly authorized to receive this information.
  • We are committed to: Do not use data that we may access for purposes other than those that are part of our duties.
  • We are committed: To disclose this data only to the duly authorized persons of our business.
  • We undertake: We will not make any copies of this data unless necessary and we have informed you in advance in order to fulfill our duties and responsibilities.
  • We are committed: To take all measures in accordance with the uses and state of the art in the context of our duties, in order to avoid the obvious or fraudulent use of this data.
  • We are committed: To ensure that, within the limits of our duties, only secure means of communication will be used to transfer this data.
  • In case of interruption of the cooperation between us, to return (to the responsible persons of your company-business) the complete data, the computer files and the media related to this data.
  • The commitment of confidentiality that we accept, will be valid for the entire duration of our employment, in order to appreciate the work required and to proceed with a financial offer of our services to you.
  • Name of legal representative of Max Services company (Lagiou Argyro – aff: 301629043): Argyro Lagiou


Customer Terms of Use:

As a customer you accept the following:

  • By creating an account you accept the terms of purchase of services as described in the next paragraph.


Terms of Purchase of Services:

  • When purchasing one or more of our services, either online or in person, you agree that if you decide to cancel the purchase because you made a mistake or changed your mind, we do not have to refund the full amount, as nature of our electronic products concerns the provision of services which may have already started and been implemented to some extent and should be repaid up to the point of implementation.
  • For the payment of our services, you accept that there may be additional charges, either as a supply of third party services, or due to the complexity of the project you have assigned us. Of course you will be informed before any additional charge.
  • If the result of the services you have chosen is not the desired one in your opinion but all the listed work actions have been technically implemented (either listed on our website or listed in the offer you have received), you are obliged to pay for the project and we are not obliged to get your money back.
  • When purchasing website building or remodeling services, you agree that a reference will be added to the footer of your website with the following text “Build by Max Services” which will refer to the link https://maxservices.gr
  • When purchasing website construction or reconstruction services, you accept that we have the right to include your project (short report on the project + link + homepage photo) on the portfolio page of MaxServices.gr projects as well as in printed reference material, as you can see in the following link: https://maxservices.gr/υπηρεσίες-διαδικτύου/about/portfolio/ . The project can also be included in the affiliate website https://nicolaslagios.com
  • For the design part (front visible part of the website) of the construction or reconstruction services, you accept that it is allowed to change individual parts up to once before the delivery of the project without being charged extra. For additional changes, you will be charged per hour, which costs € 20 without VAT.
  • Before starting work on a project, the customer must provide us with all the necessary login information if and if there are already service accounts or a website owned by the customer. If they do not exist, then the customer must deliver the required material (according to our instructions) in order to implement the project within the implementation period, ie the material must be delivered approximately at the beginning of the work + – 3 days.
  • The delivery times of a project are from 10 to 35 days (depending on the complexity). If the correct information is not provided by the customer, or if the requested material or the requested connection details are not delivered early, the delivery time may be extended without bearing any legal or financial responsibility. The time may also be extended for other reasons (eg customer accommodation that does not belong to us and we are not responsible for its maintenance or supervision, etc.) without bearing any legal or financial responsibility for delaying the project. Also, if the customer decides to change the project more than once, the delivery time will be extended without any legal or financial responsibility for the project delay.
  • For services such as: Speed Optimization, Website Protection, Website SEO, Website Marketing, we do not bear any legal or financial responsibility if the result is not the desired one. We make every effort to keep you happy with our services, we can not guarantee results whose success depends to a large extent on third party services and algorithms (such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, Skroutz.gr, etc.) .
  • For promotion and advertising services such as: Skroutz.gr, Bestprice.gr, Shopflix.gr, Google Ads, Google Merchant, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Amazon, Ebay etc. be aware that we are paid only the preparation and implementation on the part of your website, the bridge to these services. We undertake to do the bridging on both sides (website + third party service) but in no case do we bear any legal or financial responsibility in case the promotion or advertising service does not accept the cooperation with you which implies the non-completion of the aforementioned connectivity . Also the aforementioned advertising and promotion services may have some financial activation costs and of course fixed costs or advertising costs. We have no financial benefit for these aforementioned additional costs and you are solely responsible, as well as you are responsible for handing over to the aforementioned third party services any documents or materials required in order to reach an agreement between you and to activate them. Also, we do not take any responsibility in case any of the submitted material (from your website to such a service) is deactivated by the promotion and advertising service. You are solely responsible for the material and the correction of the material and you must be informed about any specifications for posting – sending material to the specific services.
  • In case of construction – reconstruction of a website for which you have included bridging works (ie connection of your website with promotion and advertising services such as Skroutz.gr, Bestprice.gr, Shopflix.gr, Google Ads, Google Merchant, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Amazon, Ebay etc.), it should be known that the completion of the interface with the above services is not a condition for the financial payment of the project and this is because some services require a reasonable activation period if all the conditions are met. the respective service.
  • In case you request a bid for a project, you should be aware that the bid is valid for 30 days from the date you received it by any means of communication. If you do not accept the offer within the time limit of 30 days, we have every right to change the listed services of our offer as well as the offer price.
  • To start a package of services that you have not bought online but we have sent you an offer, a prerequisite is to accept the offer in writing via email, the email will be the same as your account on this website https://maxservices.gr and you must send us the material or take actions that we will ask you, as well as a 50% deposit to be paid and during the construction period to be paid 25% and on the delivery of the project the remaining 25%. You should be aware that the listed prices of the offer or the packages of online shopping services are prices without VAT unless they are referred to as prices with VAT.
  • For services such as Hosting, Maintenance: We do not take any responsibility in case of technical difficulties which cannot be controlled by us (eg the central service provider “Hetzner” has a serious technical problem that it cannot solve or your website has been attacked hacking and did not have the proper protection against your own negligence or an employee or user to whom you have granted administrator rights caused a technical problem). We have taken the appropriate measures to avoid a serious technical issue on the site or in the site hosting but we can not guarantee that your website will not have a sudden shutdown due to the aforementioned technical errors or a sudden increase in huge traffic. We will make every effort to avoid any financial loss to you, but we assume no legal or financial responsibility if this happens.
  • For services such as domain name registration, we do not bear any responsibility in case the desired name has been registered by another owner before we manage to register it. We also do not bear any responsibility if you do not renew your domain name in time and your jurisdiction is lost.
  • Finally for all services, if and when it is required to use an add-on or theme that has additional purchase costs, the cost and responsibility for the purchase is borne by you and is not included in the price of the offer we sent you or the package you bought online. We have no legal or financial responsibility for the copyright of the add-ons or the code of your website or the material posted on your website. We do not take any responsibility for your content of the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy or the published content of your website in general. You are solely responsible for the content of your website and in any case you should consult your lawyer and accountant.

Terms of use of blog and video course services


Terms of use of Partners:

Coming Soon. You can be informed before they are posted by sending a message from the contact page: https://maxservices.gr/υπηρεσίες-διαδικτύου/about/contact-us/

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing services will be ready soon

You can already see and order (online or via communication) our services in the “Additional Website Services” by clicking here.




Fixed costs (per month or year for services etc.)

Registration of desired domain

It is the address of your site, eg: tositemou.com

If you already have your own domain, we will proceed directly to the its connection to the hosting area.

Fixed domain costs are not related to our service and are not included in the offer you will receive, you pay directly to the provider and receive a separate invoice from them.

From €10 / year to €30 / two years (depending on the ending gr, com etc.)

Website hosting setup

It is the space that hosts your files

If you already have one, we set up the existing one, without being responsible for future problems on your site and extra charge for damages due to upgrades or servers.

If you wish, you can purchase our annual "Maintenance+Hospitality" package for €190 / year without being charged for any damages due to upgrades.

Max Services Support & VPS Hosting + Unlimited Subdomains & email accounts (total 25GB HDD space): €20/month, €110/6 months, €190/year.

Platform Installation & Setup (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart etc)

It is your website software

Setup of the website with the basic information of the business, as well as any necessary technical setup

Theme installation & configuration


It is a ready-made template that we customize to suit you.

If you wish to build a Custom theme (completely from 0), the final price of building the site will be discussed.

Construction / Posting of website content

It concerns static pages (contact, company etc) + material upload (products - articles)

Up to 50 manually.

Up to 2000 in bulk (as long as you have given them tο us in excel).

For more, the final price will be discussed.

Add terms of use, privacy policy and GDPR bar

It is 100% legally necessary to post on special pages that will be included in the bottom menu of your site, the terms of use and the privacy policy of your website, as well as a special pop-up bar that appears to new visitors where they will have to accept its cookies your website.

Especially in Europe, the GDPR law obliges you to take these actions as it concerns the personal data of each visitor.

You can choose to add terms and policy copy from similar sites (changing names and addresses of course) or choose to send us the content yourself and post it.

But you should know that under no circumstances do we bear any legal or other responsibility for the content.

Eshop mechanism (if desired)

Mechanism installation & adjustment

· Setting up business details (transportation, payments, VAT, etc.)

· Shop design etc.

· Wholesale or Dropship sales if desired

To import products, you need to have your product data ready (code, stock, title, photo, etc.).

We import: Up to 50 manually.

Up to 2000 in bulk (as long as you have given them to us in excel).

For more, the final price will be discussed.

Επιλέξτε Υπηρεσία Διαδικτύου

The services through the website are coming soon!

The services concern the service office in Makrakomi, Fthiotida with service for all of Greece.

At the moment you can call the phones: +30 223 602 4107 & +30 698 630 7660

You can also send an email to: max.makrakomi@gmail.com

Few of our services

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