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The solutions we offer focus on a single goal: the satisfied customer. Aiming at the satisfied customer and a profitable business, the website should be easy to use, technically sound and the use of “Search Engine Optimization” along with our marketing plan, plan that we build with the customer, to be followed and to be handled properly.

Additional Services for Website

Please select a package to purchase online or use the interest form below to contact us.

Max Protection

It is necessary to protect your site against every known attack. Every day, thousands of websites are attacked by robots in order to trap a website for reasons of illegal advertising, etc.
149 Price with VAT: €184.76
  • Firewall installation and configuration
  • Login protection with Google Recaptcha
  • Protection in contact forms with Google Recaptcha
  • Login protection with 2FA Authentication
  • Hide platform and plugin awareness
  • Hide Server IP Address
  • Additional actions to prevent hacking attacks, sql injections, brute force attacks, etc.

Max Speed

Absolute necessary for search engines (SEO) but also for your visitors, the fast loading of a site. • Code compression. • Image compression. • Customization of site functions. • Page Cache.
195 Price with VAT: €241.80
  • Cache mechanism (static copies of content for quick display to the visitor without occupying the database)
  • Compressing Photos at resolution level and converting them to Webp & Avif format
  • Cleaning HTML, CSS, Javascript code of a website
  • Database Cleanup & Optimization
  • Connecting to Cloudflare services
  • Connect to CDN Network (*third party subscription required)
  • Lazy load of Photos and Videos (loading when viewing material and not before)
  • Technical Control (before and after Optimization actions)


The A's and Z's for search engines and for your visibility to the outside world is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) setup and setup but also speed (see previous paragraph).
145 Price with VAT: €179.80
  • SEO engine installation & setup
  • Enable automatic SEO engine operation
  • Preparation and training to you for manual SEO adjustment (through the engine) per post (page, article, product)
  • Manual SEO setup (through the engine) for your Homepage, by us.
  • Change links for all your website posts to friendly links easily readable by search engines and visitors.
  • Manual registration of your website in the registry of the most popular search engines
  • Connection to Google Search Console as well as additional services related to SEO and speed and error control of your website.

Max Social

Service that is "required" for the proper promotion of your website. It's about integrating your social networks with your website both ways.
180 Price with VAT: €223.20
  • Create a Facebook & Linkedin page -> If you don't already have one available. (Note!!! This is about creating, setting and uploading profile and cover photo)
  • Create professional Instagram , Pinterest accounts -> If you don't already have them available (Note!!! This involves creating, setting up and uploading a profile and cover photo)
  • Create a Tik Tok account -> If you don't have one available and you want one. (Note!!! This is about creating, setting and uploading profile and cover photo)
  • Adding social network buttons to your site that link to these accounts.
  • Adding buttons for sharing posts (articles, products, etc.) to the most popular social networks
  • Adding the ability to comment on posts (articles, pages, products) through a Facebook form and replacing or coexisting with the classic comment form
  • Possibility of connection - registration on your site through a social network account, for guest service for easier connection-registration.
  • Facebook Messenger Live Chat on your website

Max Analytics

One of the most important services for those interested in optimizing ads on Google Ads, Facebook, etc. It's about the ultimate control of visitor movements on your website, so you know what improvements need to be made, and for advertising services to know the target better so that you can be charged fairly based on the target.
250 Price with VAT: €310
  • Create a Google Tag Manager account, in order to use it to connect the measurement and advertising services, to it and it in turn will connect to your website and take data in order to give it to these services.
  • Setting up the Google Tag Manager (measurement codes, Events, etc.) -> e.g. Setting up control for who put a product in the cart and didn't buy it and returning this data in order to give it to Google Ads, Facebook Pixels, etc.
  • Create a Google Analytics account and connect to Tag Manager. Google Analytics is a metrics account only for what you care to see. (visits, completed purchases, etc.)
  • Connecting your Google Ads account metrics to Tag Manager.
  • Linking your Facebook Ads account metrics to Tag Manager
  • Customization and creation of new Events for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. according to your own needs.
  • Installation of additional measurement services, either through the Tag Manager, or directly on the website (such as Skroutz Analytics etc.).
  • Writing PHP and Javascript code to return the appropriate metrics data to the page of interest.

Max Bridges

The connection to third-party services mainly concerns services for promoting your services or your products. You may also wish to automatically update your site by bridging to your ERP or CRM (accounting/warehouse program, etc.).
180 Price with VAT: €223.20
  • NOTE!!! The price of the specific package refers to one of the services listed below. That is, the price is €180 without VAT per service.
  • Connection to the services,, etc. Greek product promotion services (as long as you have an approved account there, the connection will be made with XML)
  • Connection to Google Merchant, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, eBay, Etsy services (as long as you have an approved account there the connection will be made either via an add-on code, or via a paid intermediary service for Amazon, Ebay, Etsy)
  • Application to the aforementioned services to create an account (if you do not have one) and initial settings in the accounts (if approved). Also parameterization of data you send (filter for which products you wish to send).
  • XML bridge for receiving (Import) data to be inserted into the site (eg articles from another source or products from a supplier) + Possibility of manual bulk data import from Excel or another type of collaborative file.
  • XML bridge for sending (Export) data from the site to other services and other websites + Possibility of manual export to Excel or another file supported for processing by excel.
  • XML bridge or Custom PHP JSON management API for two-way communication with your CRM or ERP (warehouse, customer ledger, invoicing) -> There may be additional charges to complete the specific bridge, depending on the needs and the service to be performed bridging.

Max Automations

Automatic notifications on social networks when new content is posted or loop notification of old content. Automatic Import (XML bridge, rss feed, etc.) from other sources (news, etc.) or automatic Export (XML, Excel, CSV) to other services. Data automation etc.
180 Price with VAT: €223.20
  • NOTE!!! The price of the specific package refers to one of the services listed below. That is, the price is €180 without VAT per service.
  • Automatic sharing of new posts (articles, products, etc.) on your social networks with predefined description, photo and hashtags
  • Automatic repeated random sharing of old posts (articles, products, etc.) at a time that you pre-determine (eg every 8 hours, every two days, etc.) on your social networks with a pre-defined description, photo and hashtags
  • Automatic posting of articles, videos, photos from other sources (either yours as long as it is possible to receive a feed, or ours) in order to automate the introduction of content on your site, with the ability to hide, vary, translate pieces of content to look unique . -> Note!!! Services like Google Adsense do not allow this content in some cases and close your account or you are demoted in the search engines. Be careful what you want.
  • XML bridge for sending (Export) data from the site to other services and other websites + Possibility of manual export to Excel or another file supported for processing by excel.
  • Custom PHP & SQL database-level automations to receive or send data to and from your site.

Max Translation

Translation of your website in as many languages as you wish, with the ability to change the language in any content the visitor is in. Must service for visitors, for your visibility in search engines, for marketing in general.
190 Price with VAT: €235.60
  • NOTE!!! The price includes the installation of the engine and the import of the content you will give us or your training to do the translation yourself. If you wish to translate content from us, there is an extra translation cost after consultation and it is required that you first purchase this package.
  • Installation & setup of translation engine
  • Adding language change buttons to the menu and footer of your website + adding the buttons to the header of your website if you wish.
  • SEO mechanism configuration (if available) in order to correctly send translated content to search engines.
  • Prepare website content structure to be translated -> Create duplicate menus, pages, posts to make it easier to change the content to the content to be translated.
  • Importing translations that you will send to us or training from us to you in order to do the translation.
  • Fix code damage in case your website is not displaying properly due to translation engine or translated content.

Max Check

(To rebuild or repair damage to your existing website.)
35 Price with VAT: €43.40
  • NOTE!!! The price is for the initial review of your website, not the rebuild. For rebuilding and repair, there is a separate cost after consultation with you.
  • Rebuilding an existing Theme in order to keep up with new versions of plugins, php etc
  • Rebuilding functions from plugins
  • Design and layout reconstruction
  • Installation and configuration of new theme and functions
  • Backend and frontend damage repair


The package includes all the necessary procedures that must be done in order to be ready for the control of the website for the NSRF subsidy.
550 Price with VAT: €682
  • Note!!! We do not undertake the process of joining the subsidy, but only the preparation of your website if you have joined the subsidy process.
  • Website adaptation for people with special abilities
  • Addition and adjustment of the NSRF (ESPA) banner that was delivered to you -> The addition will be made in a prominent place at the top
  • Checking and fixing website code according to the standards given to you.

Content Services

(Data Entry - Support on Demand)
180 / Month Price with VAT: €223.20
  • NOTE!!! The price refers to a service or combination, eg 3 lessons (out of 4) + 3 social posts (out of 12).
  • 4 Training Courses (1 hour course per week) / month
  • Uploading 16 Products/Posts on website (4 products/posts per week)/month
  • Upload 12 Posts on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) with your own or created by us photo or slide video (3 posts per week) / month
  • Social network management (creating cover photos, profile picture, page information, updating contact information and monitoring social trends. Sharing posts of her website on social and creating posts with hashtags etc) – (3 hours per week) / month
  • 2 Targeted Ads on Google or Facebook or Instagram / month. We take care with the lowest budget to ensure the highest success rates through the right targeting. (the advertising budget is paid separately by you)
  • Other tasks: Video, audio, image creation/editing. Data processing/transformation. Server technical work, email accounts, etc. Research and development of new ideas.

Interest Form

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing services will be ready soon

You can already see and order (online or via communication) our services in the “Additional Website Services” by clicking here.




Fixed costs (per month or year for services etc.)

Registration of desired domain

It is the address of your site, eg:

If you already have your own domain, we will proceed directly to the its connection to the hosting area.

Fixed domain costs are not related to our service and are not included in the offer you will receive, you pay directly to the provider and receive a separate invoice from them.

From €10 / year to €30 / two years (depending on the ending gr, com etc.)

Website hosting setup

It is the space that hosts your files

If you already have one, we set up the existing one, without being responsible for future problems on your site and extra charge for damages due to upgrades or servers.

If you wish, you can purchase our annual "Maintenance+Hospitality" package for €190 / year without being charged for any damages due to upgrades.

Max Services Support & VPS Hosting + Unlimited Subdomains & email accounts (total 25GB HDD space): €20/month, €110/6 months, €190/year.

Platform Installation & Setup (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart etc)

It is your website software

Setup of the website with the basic information of the business, as well as any necessary technical setup

Theme installation & configuration


It is a ready-made template that we customize to suit you.

If you wish to build a Custom theme (completely from 0), the final price of building the site will be discussed.

Construction / Posting of website content

It concerns static pages (contact, company etc) + material upload (products - articles)

Up to 50 manually.

Up to 2000 in bulk (as long as you have given them tο us in excel).

For more, the final price will be discussed.

Add terms of use, privacy policy and GDPR bar

It is 100% legally necessary to post on special pages that will be included in the bottom menu of your site, the terms of use and the privacy policy of your website, as well as a special pop-up bar that appears to new visitors where they will have to accept its cookies your website.

Especially in Europe, the GDPR law obliges you to take these actions as it concerns the personal data of each visitor.

You can choose to add terms and policy copy from similar sites (changing names and addresses of course) or choose to send us the content yourself and post it.

But you should know that under no circumstances do we bear any legal or other responsibility for the content.

Eshop mechanism (if desired)

Mechanism installation & adjustment

· Setting up business details (transportation, payments, VAT, etc.)

· Shop design etc.

· Wholesale or Dropship sales if desired

To import products, you need to have your product data ready (code, stock, title, photo, etc.).

We import: Up to 50 manually.

Up to 2000 in bulk (as long as you have given them to us in excel).

For more, the final price will be discussed.

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