Max Translation

190,00390,00 net Price

Translation of your website in as many languages as you wish, with the ability to change the language in any content the visitor is in. Must service for visitors, for your visibility in search engines, for marketing in general.

Read more below in the “Description” tab.

Choose a translation package and see the separate description for each package.



The package includes:

  • Installation & setup of translation engine
  • Adding language change buttons to the menu and footer of your website + adding the buttons to the header of your website if you wish.
  • SEO mechanism configuration (if available) in order to correctly send translated content to search engines.
  • Preparing website content structure for translation -​​ > Create duplicate menus, pages, posts in order to make it easier to change the content in the content to be translated.
  • Importing translations that you will send to us or training from us to you in order to do the translation.
  • Fix code damage in case your website is not displaying properly due to translation engine or translated content.
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