Max Bridges

180,001.490,00 net Price

The connection to third-party services mainly concerns services for promoting your services or your products. You may also wish to automatically update your site by bridging to your ERP or CRM (accounting/warehouse program, etc.).

Read more below in the “Description” tab.

Select a bridging package and see the separate description per package.



The package includes:

  • NOTE!!! The price of the specific package refers to one of the services listed below. That is, you should choose the package that interests you.
  • Connection to the services,, etc. Greek product promotion services (as long as you have an approved account there, the connection will be made with XML)
  • Connection to Google Merchant, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, eBay, Etsy services (as long as you have an approved account there the connection will be made either via an add-on code, or via a paid intermediary service for Amazon, Ebay, Etsy)
  • Application to the aforementioned services to create an account (if you do not have one) and initial settings in the accounts (if approved). Also parameterization of data you send (filter for which products you wish to send).
  • XML bridge for receiving (Import) data to be inserted into the site (eg articles from another source or products from a supplier) + Possibility of manual bulk data import from Excel or another type of collaborative file.
  • XML bridge for sending (Export) data from the site to other services and other websites + Possibility of manual export to Excel or another file supported for processing by excel.
  • XML bridge or Custom PHP JSON management API for two-way communication with your CRM or ERP (warehouse, customer ledger, invoicing) -​​> There may be additional charges to complete the specific bridging, depending on the needs and the service being bridged.
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