Max Automations

180,00 net Price

Automatic notifications on social networks when new content is posted or loop notification of old content. Automatic Import (XML bridge, rss feed, etc.) from other sources (news, etc.) or automatic Export (XML, Excel, CSV) to other services. Data automation etc.

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The package includes:

  • NOTE!!! The price of the specific package refers to one of the mentioned services. That is, you should choose a purchase package.
  • Automatic sharing of new posts (articles, products, etc.) on your social networks with predefined description, photo and hashtags
  • Automatic repeated random sharing of old posts (articles, products, etc.) at a time that you pre-determine (eg every 8 hours, every two days, etc.) on your social networks with a pre-defined description, photo and hashtags
  • Automatic posting of articles, videos, photos from other sources (either yours as long as it is possible to receive a feed, or ours) in order to automate the introduction of content on your site, with the ability to hide, vary, translate pieces of content to look unique . -> Note!!! Services like Google Adsense do not allow this content in some cases and close your account or you are demoted in the search engines. Be careful what you want.
  • XML bridge for sending (Export) data from the site to other services and other websites + Possibility of manual export to Excel or another file supported for processing by excel.
  • Custom PHP & SQL database-level automations to receive or send data to and from your site.
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