Max Analytics

250,00 net Price

One of the most important services for those interested in optimizing ads on Google Ads, Facebook, etc. It’s about the ultimate control of visitor movements on your website, so you know what improvements need to be made, and for advertising services to know the target better so that you can be charged fairly based on the target.

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The package includes:

  • Create a Google Tag Manager account, in order to use it to connect the measurement and advertising services, to it and it in turn will connect to your website and take data in order to give it to these services.
  • Setting up Google Tag Manager (measurement codes, Events, etc.) -> e.g. Control setting for who put a product in the cart and did not buy it and return this data in order to give it to Google Ads, Facebook Pixels etc.
  • Create a Google Analytics account and connect to Tag Manager. Google Analytics is a metrics account only for what you care to see. (visits, completed purchases, etc.)
  • Connecting your Google Ads account metrics to Tag Manager.
  • Linking your Facebook Ads account metrics to Tag Manager
  • Customization and creation of new Events for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. according to your own needs.
  • Installation of additional measurement services, either through the Tag Manager, or directly on the website (such as Skroutz Analytics etc.).
  • Writing PHP and Javascript code to return the appropriate metrics data to the page of interest.
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